Kemp Management Solutions (KMS): Searching for the Right People

By J. Michael Kemp, Sr., President and CEO of Kemp Management Solutions

At KMS, we’ve been in business for eight years now, and I say this often, but this is the best team we’ve ever had. The 12 current members of our team are undoubtedly extremely smart and driven, but they’re also team-oriented, and I truly believe that makes all the difference. They work great together and each has a desire to be a part of something that’s bigger than themselves. My goal as the President and CEO of KMS is to continue to build our team with those that fit well into the environment we’ve created.  

In order to do this, we go through a robust process before bringing an individual on board. This includes a lot of profile testing and interviewing; often with multiple team members. We want to see if they’re a good fit personality-wise in the sense of how they interact with the rest of the team. We even give everyone the opportunity to rank the potential team member on how well they think they’d fit into our team. I’ve found this strategy to be effective as it gives each individual a vested interest in making sure that new hire is successful. No matter how large we grow, those who’ve been with the company for a long time, and truly understand our culture, will always remain in this process.

What We Look for in Potential Team Members

When we look for someone to join our team, we’re looking for someone who’s self-starting, organized, and a good communicator. The technical piece has become such a commodity now that certain personality traits are just as essential. We tend to seek out individuals who are:

Respectful. We want to bring individuals into our organization that show respect and value other people, as well as different opinions. To me, these two characteristics are essential.

Family-oriented. At KMS, we express our value for family involvement and a good work life balance, and our people know that it’s something we want to see. Everyone understands the need to focus on projects while at work because they’ll have the opportunity to spend time with their family afterwards.

Active in the community. Those that often end up in leadership roles with us are individuals who are involved in the community as well as their family, and from a business leadership standpoint, I believe you need to have that visibility outside of your immediate circle.

Not arrogant. Displaying arrogance or showing the inability to work interdependently are deal breakers for me. While I want people to be self-starters, they’re also going to have to be willing to work inside of a team.

Continuing to Bring the Right People into Our Organization

Quite often, I stop and think what a great team we have, and again, I believe it’s the best team this company has ever had. Through their word and actions, they continue to prove just how remarkable they really are. I’m always impressed when they come to me looking for ways to help grow the company, showing they not only have a desire to make themselves more successful, but the team as a whole.

At KMS, we’re always looking for good team members, and we’ve been very intentional about putting a process in place to identify individuals who would best fit into our environment. We’ve since found those people, and we strongly believe that there are more people out there that would love to be a part of what we’re doing.