Project Management

What Is Project Management

Project management is the process of overseeing and managing a project from beginning to end. A project is defined as an assortment of tasks together that create a specific goal or result. A project manager uses a combination of their skills, tools, and team members to coordinate the completion of this group of tasks or project.

What Are The Phases of Project Management

Every project requires a certain amount of planning and consideration to determine exactly how much goes into the project. This can be overwhelming at first; there could be a plethora of tasks that need to be completed to see the project through completion. To this end, projects are generally broken up into phases to help manage the load.

Project Initiation:

Project budget is outlines and the timeline is set for project delivery. At this stage teams decide what the goal of the project is and formalize all of the core ideas around the project.

Project Planning:

Specific tasks and steps are outlined with timelines for each. This gives the project manager an idea of how long each task, and by extension, the entire project will be finished.

Project Execution:

Rubber meets the road. Teams are delegated and resources are allocated. Tasks are completed within their timeline to complete the project.

Project Monitoring:

As the project progresses, it is important to monitor the completion and quality of the ongoing tasks. Key Performance Indicators are reviewed as well as budget and timelines. The goal is to ensure that the project is delivered just like it was promised.

Project Closure:

Once all of the tasks are completed and the project is finished, the project is complete. Teams will evaluate the success of the project, the pitfalls, the obstacles, and other aspects of the project. After reviewing documents and making sure everything was completed, the team is ready to take on a new task.

What Are The Duties of A Project Manager

A project manager is responsible for the entire project. This means that they are in charge of planning and organizing the steps of the project. Additionally, they delegate tasks out to team members and manage their progress. Managing the budget and resources is another important duty of a project manager. Expectations for a project should be defined and communicated by the manager, and they should be prepared to report on progress, difficulties, and the completion of the project. Kemp Management Solutions specializes in program and project management solutions. We know what it takes to see a construction project to completion, and we want to help you. We use our expertise and knowledge to come up with strategies and deliver the best results. For more information, check out our work or contact us with any questions you may have.