What Is Program Management

When you are preparing for a new endeavor whether it is a construction venture or you’re building out a new division for your company, you’re going to need to execute several different projects. Will you need a project manager or a program manager? Chances are that you’ll need both. There is a bit of confusion though on what the difference is between the two. In short the difference is scope.

What is Program Management?

Program management is the process of managing and overseeing several different but related projects. Program management involves defining a program’s strategy and coordinating all of the underlying projects needed to reach the program’s goals. Program management is responsible for delegating appropriate members to projects and maintaining the budget for the program.

What Does A Program Manager Do?

A program manager is the individual responsible for the oversight of the program. This individual watches over the entire program and makes adjustments where necessary to make sure that the overall goal is met. The responsibilities of the program manager include but is not limited to putting together teams, creating and implementing strategies, and measuring return on investment. Unlike project managers, the program manager’s job doesn’t end when the project does. Instead, they are responsible for overseeing multiple projects within the program until the program has reached the goal. Program managers should not micromanage as they should trust their project managers to handle their individual projects.

What Is The Difference Between Project Management and Program Management?

Project Managers are responsible for individual projects. They focus on the execution of the individual projects,and they figure out the best way to handle a specific projects. Their scope is more short term than that of project managers as their jobs end when the project is done. Program managers are responsible for overseeing multiple projects and the overall program strategy. They don’t deal with the day to  day tactics of specific programs. They are more involved with making sure that the programs work together to achieve the best results.

Why is Program Management Important?

Program Management is important because it makes helps make sure that all of your projects are working toward something. It also makes sure that your projects are pacing at a rate that is manageable and beneficial for your program. Project managers are concerned with tasks and making sure one project gets done. Having a program manager makes sure that all projects are completed in time and at a high level so that the entire program and company continues to benefit from a cohesive strategy instead of multiple a la carte pieces. Kemp Management is a program management solution that is ready and eager to help you see your projects to fruition. We use our expertise and knowledge to come up with strategies and deliver the best results. For more information, check out our work or contact us with any questions you may have.