What We Do

KMS is a program management and consulting firm dedicated to helping clients navigate the nuances of a project or large program.

Program Management


Taking on a large building project is a complex and daunting task, but you don’t have to try to become an expert on your own. KMS is a Program Management firm in Birmingham, Alabama that represents the interest of owners from the beginning of a project to the end. We can handle site selections, due diligence, design management to project management and close-out.

Due Diligence

Our thorough approach to due diligence includes the coordination of site selection, planning and zoning, site test fit, geotechnical and phase one, and preliminary budget and schedule.

We manage every step of the process to ensure that all of your complex project needs are met and your expectations are exceeded.

Design Management

We take on every piece of design management so you can rest assured that everything is handled.

Preconstruction Services

Before construction even begins, we are already working hard for our clients to set up every project for successful and efficient completion.

Project Management

Project Management at KMS speaks to how we “bridge” the connections to our client’s vision. This part of our process would cover things like:

Weekly Reporting

Our project managers will maintain a weekly status report document constantly, jotting in updates and stats as they happen in real-time. You will most likely have a day of the week in mind for when to send it; however, the magic of a weekly report should be that it can be ready within the hour if a client requests it.

Project Scheduling

Impeccable schedule management and the ability to adapt quickly are vital when handling complex programs and projects.

Cost Management

We keep budgets on track and costs contained along the way so our clients don’t overspend.

Scheduled Site Visits

We tailor our site visit frequency to our clients’ wishes to provide the desired level of oversight on projects.

Web-Based Management System

Our web-based management system makes every aspect of project management more efficient and promotes open communication between us and our clients.

Construction Management

Construction Management is where the rubber meets the road in the field. KMS would provide boots on the ground for our clients to act as their eyes and ears to ensure a project is delivered in accordance with the client’s vision and project design.

FF&E Coordination

Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment coordination is an important part of any successful project. KMS coordinates with the client’s third party vendors such as telecom, furniture, and equipment to ensure these parts of the project are properly scheduled in the overall project delivery.

FF&E is a complex and time-consuming process that can easily result in disruption and costly downtime. We organize and oversee all aspects of this phase to ensure a smooth transition with minimum impact to your operations.

Move Management

Most major projects have a move component associated with it. The move could involve the relocation or consolidation of a particular department or organization. During the move phase, KMS would coordinate with the client’s people, moving company, and furniture vendor to develop and manage the actual moving of the client’s staff. This process includes:

Equipment coordination

We ensure the right equipment makes it to the right office to create a smooth transition into any new space.

Staff location plan

We coordinate staff and equipment relocation on behalf of our clients by utilizing standardized processes and technology to develop “from/to” documentation and phasing plans to ensure that our client’s staff members and equipment effectively get to their final destination.

Office Configuration Plan

We plan the layout and configuration of your new office space to maximize company efficiencies