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BJCC Energy Modernization Project

When the BJCC needed major improvements to its mechanical and electrical infrastructure, we managed the detailed, individual projects. Using our technology, KMS handled everything from communications coordination to complex scheduling as upgrades took place throughout the BJCC campus and while events were being held.

Our Responsibilities:

  • Communications Coordination
  • Scheduling
  • Project Controls

Project at a Glance

9 city blocks

covered by project area


base project cost


cost for additional switchgear project

Design Management

Communications Coordination

The BJCC project consisted of many smaller projects that all contributed to the whole. A large number of projects means there are many different people involved, and KMS kept communications running smoothly by coordinating conversations between the numerous contractors and the client.


Because the BJCC hosts various events—including concerts, plays and large conventions—each year, scheduling work around those events to avoid disruptions was key to managing the project work. Additionally, we coordinated major planned power outages that affected several buildings in downtown Birmingham and prevented interruptions to other businesses' operations.

Project Controls

Managing a project of this magnitude included, in addition to the aforementioned: mechanical upgrades, lighting upgrades, plumbing upgrades, control upgrades, quality control, and overseeing each individual project to completion.

Sample Reports

Project Management at KMS speaks to how we “bridge” the connections to our client’s vision. This part of our process covered things like:

Keeping things going while work continues

This project affected nine city blocks in Birmingham, including major downtown hot spots like Uptown and the Sheraton and Westin hotels near the BJCC, as well as small businesses. These places are important to Birminghamians, and any interruptions in their operations would have been detrimental to the businesses themselves. We coordinated around events and planned power outages to keep these vital businesses running as usual, even while major upgrades were taking place around them.

Day-to-Day Project Management

With a high level of detail on so many smaller projects, keeping everything in check required boots on the ground. KMS was on-site, connecting with everyone involved so each project went smoothly. All in all, this project required 5,000 workers, so clear coordination was key.

Coordination was the name of the game on this project. We scheduled work around events, handled planned power outages, and ensured effective communication between the BJCC, various contractors, and Alabama Power Company, completing this complex project with maximum efficiency.