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ALDOT Bridge Project

The Alabama Department of Transportation trusted KMS with the management of their largest project in history. We created our own backend database to introduce a proprietary approach to large-scale coordination.

Our Responsibilities:

  • Schedule Evaluation
  • Traffic Coordination
  • Communication

Project at a Glance


managed activities

$735 M

total project cost

56 months

total project duration


total bridge segments casted/erected


cubic yards of concrete


linear feet decorative lighting

Schedule Evaluation

ALDOT needed a trusted partner to handle schedule evaluation and create order and process where it did not yet exist. Our proprietary database provided real-time information and generated a wealth of data that allowed us to streamline project activities.

Traffic Coordination

The scope of this project required road closures and redirected traffic. KMS coordinated temporarily reconfigured traffic flow to minimize delays and maximize efficiency.


On every project, we communicate early and often so that all involved parties are on the same page and up-to-date with project activities. Our thorough documentation system was critical to producing an official record for all work, ensuring effective communication and accurate data points.


Project Management at KMS speaks to how we “bridge” the connections to our client’s vision. This part of our process covered things like:

Using our proprietary database, we were able to keep a real-time record of all data points, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve and create new efficiencies and tailored processes for ALDOT.