Featured Client

Regions FMC Program

Regions Bank trusted us with upgrades and maintenance for various branches. These included exterior and interior repairs, roofing, asphalt repaving, and ADA compliance.

Our Responsibilities:

  • Due Diligence
  • Design Management
  • Project Management

Project at a Glance

16 states

covered by Regions’ footprint


total project cost to date

150+ projects

over the last 2 years

Due Diligence

The Regions FMC project spanned 16 states and included approximately 80 individual projects, so it required thorough due diligence to accurately manage the social, economic, and environmental risks associated with each project at each location.

Design Management

Design-Build Method

In this program, we approach design as part of a design-build delivery system. We work with our partners and client at each stage of the design process to ensure that the client's needs and goals are being met every step of the way. Effective design management is vital to the planning and successful execution of the program.


We bring our construction knowledge to the early phases of the design process to evaluate the constructability of a project and ensure that an idea can be carried through to construction. This was a key component of the project for the Regions FMC Program because each individual location had its own unique specifications to consider.

Sample Reports

Our deliverables on this project included, but were not limited to: bidding contractors, bidding architects, design, construction, and overseeing the individual projects to completion. Despite encountering delays because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our delivery date did not change, and the program was successfully completed on its original timeline.

We closed this project on time, and under budget, saving our client hundreds of thousands of dollars.