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Regions/Truist ATM Programs

As banks closed several branches, they enlisted KMS to make sure their customers could still meet their basic banking needs via ATMs in various accessible locations.

Our Responsibilities:

  • Due Diligence
  • Design Management
  • Project Management

Project at a Glance

16 states

covered by both banks


total project cost

6 months

to complete 12 individual projects

Due Diligence

Our due diligence process for the Regions/Truist ATM programs lends itself well to our turnkey delivery process. Under this approach, we provide real estate services for site selection and the ultimate transaction of a purchase or lease in order to move forward with remote ATM construction.

Design Management

Design-Build Method

In this program, we approach design as part of a design-build delivery system. We work with our partners and client at each stage of the design process to ensure that the client's needs and goals are being met every step of the way. Effective design management is vital to the planning and successful execution of the program.

contractor selection

With 12 different projects taking place in multiple states over 180 days, we had to make sure each one was buildable with minimal risk, so we worked directly with architects and contractors on each individual ATM.

Under one roof

Just like other programs, we manage all aspects of this program under one roof. From foundation construction to utilities, lighting, and canopy/surround, we procure all materials and work. Additionally, we coordinate the delivery of the ATM machine and cash installation and bring the machine live.

Sample Reports

Beyond our usual deliverables, we also negotiated the real estate for each of the 12 ATM locations. We were responsible for finding the best sites and negotiating property leases, as well as finding the best architects and contractors to complete each project.

Commercial Real Estate

Each bank knew what city they wanted the new ATMs in, but not the specific location. Each ATM must be placed within a 10-mile radius of the closing branch. It was up to us to search real estate listings so we could find proper locations.

We closed this project on time, and under budget, saving our client hundreds of thousands of dollars.