How Innovation, Analytics & Execution Set KMS Apart from the Rest

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Innovation, analytics, and execution. Throughout 2018, we’ve put a great amount of focus on these three areas we deemed as differentiators. From identifying new methods of delivering uncompromised results, to using the data we have in an intelligent way, and ultimately, folding that back into the way in which we execute our work, we believe enables us to offer a service unlike any other in the industry.

“I strongly believe what makes KMS different is our level of expertise, and our ability to bring innovation and flexibility to our projects while putting a true focus on the client,” says J. Michael “Mike” Kemp, Sr., President and CEO.

“This all starts by creating a collaborative environment for our team and ensuring we’re pairing the right project manager with each individual client.”

Innovation: Discovering New Ways to Get Better Solutions

At KMS, we’re not afraid to do things differently, and this innovative way of thinking begins before we even start a project. When it comes to serving our clients, we don’t just take into consideration the technical aspects of the assignment; we take into account the human aspect as well. We believe it’s important to take the time to learn the profile of each of our team members so we can properly align them with our clients. Through profile testing of both our team and those we work with, we intentionally place the right person on our team with a particular client. This way, we know a team member who’s more laid back and detailed focused, as opposed to another who’s more hard-driving and matter-of-fact, is going to be a better fit when it comes to building a relationship and working with that client.

Our innovation continues with our use of technology. In June of this year, we built our own proprietary software to deliver our services in the manner that aligns with our collaborative approach. This software enables us to gather a large amount of data and analyze it in a way that we’re constantly learning and improving, which was one of the key drivers for development.  

“All the systems that I’ve been exposed to are all very one-project centric. They’re good for single large projects,” states Mike.  “Our system was built to mirror our collaborative environment; we can have multiple projects in the system, and it’s able to provide a summarization, along with connectivity to various members in a more simplistic manner.”

Analytics: Using the Data We Have in a Smarter Way

From budgets, schedules, action items, and performance, with our proprietary software, we’re able to analyze all of this data as we utilize the system. Not only are we learning as we’re managing and coming up with better solutions, but this means greater efficiency for our clients. Whereas the majority of our competitors use excel spreadsheets and need four people on a project, we’re able to use only three while utilizing the collaboration within our system. Of course, this efficiency means we can do more with less, which in turn, means savings for our clients.

Execution: Doing Business in an Honorable Way

At KMS, we believe the way we conduct business begins with the attitude of our team. In today’s environment, work has become very complex due to an array of things, but we believe attitude and the manner in which you approach situations makes such a difference. We strive to create an atmosphere that’s conducive to a happy team member who’s fully committed to the organization. A large part of doing this is simply ensuring our team knows they are valued as a whole, them and their family.

We also have a collaborative work environment that we believe contributes to the success of our team. When we start a project, we’re going to include everyone that needs to be involved and keep them up to date. We like to call this collaboration with communication.

“We do this internally, and it automatically spills out to our clients. We take that same collaborative, over communicating, relationship building approach with our clients,” says Mike. “We don’t have to manufacture it because we do it every day with each other. I think that really does set us apart because the client is benefiting from a team that enjoys working together. Our culture is conducive to what really makes the difference for us.”Mi

As a company with Christian values, we strive each and every day to be a representation of what we say we’re about. In our execution, our clients trust that we’re going to do what we say, that we’ll operate with integrity, and we’ll abide by the golden rule in treating people the way we want to be treated. And when it comes to doing business with us, that’s part of the difference.

Kemp Management Solutions is a program management and consulting firm dedicated to providing our clients innovative, personalized process solutions for large projects or programs — without ever compromising our client’s vision. We’re committed to delivering customized solutions for our partners through innovation, integrity and collaboration. Contact us to learn more about who we are and how we can be an asset to your next project.

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